Superstars Realty



1.Largest Agent Team In Toronto

We are a young professional team of 80 agents working together, helping each other and growing stronger together.


2.Well Known Listing Brokerage

Listing is the name of the game of real estate! We specialize in listing services, created unique farming system, designed innovative marketing templates, developed effective training materials and established a well-known listing image.


3.Full Service Marketing Agency

We have our in-house marketing company with top notch designers, videographers, editors and writers helping agents to create outstanding modern ads.


4.Personal Branding Support

In order to help our agents stand out from the huge competition, we developed innovative branding system to train, promote and support every member to become a superstar sales in the industry.


5.Training and Coaching

We only recruit the best agents and we train them to become the best of the best! We not only provide systematic and practical weekly training but also one on one personal coaching to guide you step by step towards top professionalism! 


6.Cutting Edge Technology

As a young professional firm, we use state-of-the-art technology to maintain our sales system, back office system and marketing system.


7.In-House Home Staging Support

We have in-house staging company with over 4000 sqft warehouse, licensed stagers, movers and truck to help stage your listings using modern, classy and luxurious furnitures!


8.Resource Sharing System

Unlike other brokerages where you are on your own, we can share our sales portfolio, branding tools, marketing templates, farming materials, open houses and leads to you to help your business grow faster.


9.Full Service Pre-Construction Department

We have platinum access to most major projects, help you gather all info about them, design marketing materials for you and train you how to sell every project.

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10.Good Reputation and Image

We have very strict recruitment criteria, we only select ethical, professional, diligent and prudent candidates with integrity and good image, then we cultivate them to become big players in the industry!

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