Superstars Realty

Looking to buy or sell a home in Greater Toronto Area?

Everyone are talking about home prices going down, but are they really going down? As a home buyer, your strategy to buy a home should start with understanding the market, knowing what exactly you are looking for and what is your budget to buy a home. If you plan correctly, you will be happy with the home you buy at any market conditions, after all, if you have a specific budget and specific requirements like for example which area, how far from school or transit, how many bedrooms etc, our job will be not only to find and show you the right homes, but also to negotiate the price and terms you want. This is what we do best for our clients!

Our agents have presence in every leading neighbourhood in the greater Markham area including Unionville, Richmond Hill and Whitchurch-Stouffville. Our clients range from local homeowners to families who are looking to move in and real estate investors looking to buy homes in this area. Our reach goes further and often we are able to produce multiple offers that may exceed the asking price. Let’s talk!