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Want to sell your home 25% over the asking price? Our real estate agents in Markham can stage your space for success!

Did you know that staged homes spend 70% less on the market and get the average homeowner 25% more over the asking price!

Our goal is to get you the highest sale price in the least amount of time, and one of the most critical factors that can help you skyrocket your selling price is staging your home correctly. As real estate brokerage agents in Markham, we can help you maximize your home’s value by working with a vast network of staging professionals that will optimize your space.

Our agents have a presence in every leading neighbourhood in the greater Markham area including Unionville, Richmond Hill and Whitchurch-Stouffville. Our clients range from local homeowners to families who are looking to move in and real estate investors looking to buy homes in this area. Our reach goes further and often we are able to produce multiple offers that may exceed the asking price. Let’s talk!

Your home can sell quicker at a higher price than expected because stagers know how to showcase your home’s best features, impress potential buyers and downplay any visible weaknesses.

The secret to staging your home for success

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Would you rather move into a beautifully decorated and furnished home or move into a residence that needs more TLC? Staging your home allows the potential buyer to immediately imagine what it would be like to live in your home and increase its appeal. It’s essential to make people feel warm, welcome and safe as they enter your home; here are just a few ways our team can help you sell your home to the right buyer:

Start with curb appeal. Even before a potential buyer steps foot into your home, they will have a general impression of what it may look like based on the outside. If your porch needs some love, we suggest adding modern furniture to spruce it up. If you are noticing weeds start to ruin your flower beds, put a little extra care in managing your green landscape. A great overall impression will start with the outside, and our team can advise you on the best course of action.

Declutter your home as much as possible. An overcrowded home is distracting. You might be displaying numerous things that hold sentimental value to you, but they may also be discouraging the buyer to dive further into exploring your home. Start by organizing your spaces, room by room, to give the buyer a clear picture of what your space looks like. After all, clutter hasn’t helped anyone sell their home!

Let in as much light as possible. Once you have decluttered your space, you can allow more light to shine through. Creating a bright and inviting atmosphere will start with letting in as much natural light as possible. Open up your blinds and curtains to highlight the vast spaces of your home and give your house the much-needed oomph for a buyer to place a bid.

Your home is hot on the market – get it over the asking price with the Superstars Realty team!

The Superstars Realty team knows how to properly market your home and get way above the asking price!  Maybe all you need is a fresh coat of paint, or to rearrange your furniture, or maybe you need a little more than that – the first impression is the best impression so make it count! Start with our trusted team of Markham real estate agents and see your asking price skyrocket.